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Condo Renovations in Oakville


​The Clearspan Construction team of experienced pros has rebuilt numerous condo suites for many satisfied customers. Condo suite remodelling protocol varies from building to building and is the only variable that is difficult to calculate into the equation when scheduling the work because rules and regulations which vary and can greatly limit when and how you can work or gain access.

Licensed, professional tradespeople perform all the commercial mechanical work and similarly all the finishes as specified by the client. All our work is under warrantee for one year and carries liability and WSIB.

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Meet with the client and listen to what the client is trying to accomplish and to look over the areas of the proposed work, take measurements, photos, discuss style and the budget. We will also outline our process and what to expect during the course of the work.


We will prepare a scaled floor plan to show the proposed changes and relative spaces we will have once changes are implemented. The floor plan also lays out the proposed lighting zones and lighting type, with consideration to the proposed function and use of the area. A good lighting scheme allows you to create different lighting moods at different times of the day.


If an architect, engineer or designer are involved then appointments will be arranged to acquire pertinent information and relay technical details. At this stage preliminary fees are required.


An itemized list of the scope of work and associated costs will be prepared, this makes item costs transparent which is helpful for example, in the case where substitution or elimination of work and materials are made. The Project Description will form part of the signed agreement to begin the work and once accepted, will require a deposit to be payed to begin purchases. A disbursement schedule will be included which will outline the arrangement for periodic payments as work progresses.


Drawings are submitted and permits are obtained. Once all planning details are complete a start date can be arranged and work can begin. You can expect daily communications to inform you of the progress of your project and inform you of the next steps that will be taken.


Once all work is completed a walk through visit is arrange with the client where the client has an opportunity to look over the final product and discuss any final details.

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